Are the dogs you post pictures of in danger?

The dogs I post are all labeled “adoptable.” However, several things can happen (quickly) that can cause them to be labeled “unadoptable” and put them at risk of euthanasia. For example, sweet Sandi was originally adoptable but after a while the county vet realized that she had what could be mammary tumors that they wouldn’t be able to treat at their facility. That’s why she ended up on the pre-euthanasia list. (She got rescued though, don’t worry!) So dogs can quickly go from being “safe” to being at risk. Dogs can be listed if they catch kennel cough, go after one of their kennelmates,  growl at someone, or even just seem to be “deteriorating” in the kennel environment. That’s why it’s so important to network these guys. While they may not be in immediate danger, the county shelter certainly isn’t the best place for them to be.

Where are the dogs you post located?

All the dogs I post are in the West Maricopa County Shelter in Phoenix Arizona. The exact location is:

MCACC West Valley Animal Care Center (602-506-2765)
2500 S. 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009
(27th Ave/Lower Buckeye)
Hours open: 11AM-6PM Monday-Friday
11AM-5PM Saturday & Sunday

How did you come up with the idea of putting signs on dogs?

This idea was heavily influenced by (pretty much copied from…) the dogshaming concept that was really popular a little while ago. If you’re interested in the longer version of this answer please read my About section.

How do you get the dogs to cooperate?

Surprisingly enough, all of the dogs I’ve photographed to this point have really been great sports about the whole thing. I always have treats aplenty and give the dogs lots of breaks if they start to get antsy. The rope I use for the signs also doesn’t hold very well so if they step on the sign or try to pull it off it comes off really easily. Here’s to hoping all the dogs I photograph continue to cooperate with me!

What do I do if my question wasn’t answered here?

Comment and ask me anything you’re wondering. I check comments often and will get back to you as quickly as I can. You can also email me at etotten@asu.edu if you prefer!

4 thoughts on “FAQ

    1. Hi Dave!

      That’s a great question. Many people can’t adopt, which is why I created this page so people could help by networking dogs. It really is all about exposure for these guys; when you share something on your social media pages you never know who else is going to share it or see it and be able to help!


  1. You are fantastic and what a great idea! I work with a couple local rescues and will work to share your dogs with whomever I can 🙂 Do you have a Facebook page for this or just the blog?


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