Tucan was adopted out of the shelter. 🙂

If you’ve ever had the thought, “I would adopt a dog, but they’re just so much work!” You need to meet Tucan. Now. This sweet little guy not only moves in slow motion but is the most loving ball of fur that is so happy to curl up in your lap and hang out. He also really likes treats but only the good, meaty kind. Don’t try to entrap him with healthy baked treats because he’s above those. 😉 Tucan was brought in by his owner on June 19th and it blows my mind that he is still there. He meanders around his kennel looking at you with his big brown eyes and begging you to take him home.

Tucan passed all his evaluations at the shelter, making him good with people, dogs, and people taking food away from him. We did see him get a little bossy with a younger kennelmate, so if you have a little alpha of your own you may want to introduce them first. Tucan is neutered and listed as a year old but judging by his teeth that estimate may be a little off. I would guess closer to 3 years old. Either way, this little ball of love is ready to start his new life. Today. Please share Tucan’s picture far and wide with the hashtag #familytoo.

Tucan’s A# is 3615477 and he is currently in kennel C078.

MCACC West Valley Animal Care Center (602-506-2765)
2500 S. 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009
(27th Ave/Lower Buckeye)
Hours open: 11AM-6PM Monday-Friday
11AM-5PM Saturday & Sunday

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