I debated whether or not to post this but I think Canela’s story needs to be heard. This bundle of sweetness was brought into the shelter on May 26th. When I took her out of her kennel on July 7th she was really only a shell of a dog. She must’ve gotten sick at the shelter because she was skin and bones and green goop covered both of her eyes and most of her nose. After a slow walk to the volunteer room, I set about cleaning her up with wet paper towels. She let me wipe the goop out of her eyes and waited patiently as I eased the crusty pieces off of her eyelashes. She did not appreciate me trying to clean her nose so I left that mostly alone.

She seemed like she was having a hard time finding a place to lay down so we put a squishy bed on the floor and she immediately took to resting on that.  I got her a can of wet food and she gobbled it down in seconds. I gave her a bunch of treats too. She was cleaned up and loved on for at least an hour that day. But I just called to check on her and they euthanized her this morning. I never saw her go on the e-list last night so I thought I had time to work on her post. I’m so sorry to have failed you sweet girl. I wish I had taken you home with me when I had the chance.

Canela’s A# is 3605968 and she is currently in a landfill in Phoenix. I’m so sorry sweet girl.

6 thoughts on “Canela

  1. I like your emails. Feel awful about Canela. Why did they do that to her so quickly. I am going to call them. Could you help with a 12 yr old chow that the owner has become severely mentally ill and is a hoarder. She lets dog outside and leaves her there and forgets to feed her. Had her since a puppy I hear. I have an email I can send with her picture and pictures of house where she is. Maybe you could help her. She is very pretty and healthy. I have had 2 chows and neither of them lived to be 12. Her name is Christmas. thanks. Let me know your email address and will send.


    1. Hi Cindy,
      I truly appreciate your support and I’m glad you like to see the dogs I network. I wish I knew why they suddenly killed Canela but I really don’t. She was so sweet and still gobbling down food.. I wonder if it was just because she was sick. Feel free to email me about the Chow, but all I will be able to do is network. My email is 🙂


  2. That is so sad. It’s horrible when you get to know a dog and then for whatever reason they are PTS.

    At one of the rescues I volunteer at, I fell head over heels in love with a dog. He was called Samba, he was a tank of a Staffy and utterly adorable. He was staff only, so I never got to walk him, but I would cuddle him through the bars of his kennel. He would press up against me and lick my face, and would bring whatever toy he had over for fetch / tug of war.

    I adored that dog, but because he was a SBT nobody would adopt him. Staffies are particularly unpopular in this area. After being at the shelter for several years, one time he was just PTS.

    I didn’t live anywhere near it at the time so I hadn’t had the chance to see him or say goodbye at all. I emailed them about it, but they wouldn’t say anything. Just about broke my heart.

    RIP Canela, beautiful girl, and all the other pups who don’t make it out of rescue centres…

    (sorry if this posted twice, my internet is being weird…)


    1. Thanks for your comment, it really is helpful to know that others get as emotionally involved in volunteering as I do. I’m so sorry about Samba but I’m happy he got to know love through you in his final days. ❤


      1. No problem, some dogs are so special that you only need to meet them for ten minutes and they steal a place of your heart. Dogs in need of homes are extra special as it is.

        Thank you for your lovely words 🙂


  3. The fault lies squarely on the “owners” who turned their dog in to county because they could no longer afford her. Poor excuse. She was there for over a month. Most dogs don’t last there that long, Don’t call county & complain to them. Help by spreading the word that there are so many wonderful animals at county who need better homes than they have had, Help by telling people not to take their pets to county, to stop having puppies & kittens & to be responsible pet owners. The animals don’t choose to go to county…crummy owners do. There is no excuse to take your dog there.


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