Zooey was adopted out of the shelter. 🙂

Zooey has the smooshiest face and floppiest ears in the entire world. She is unbelievably affectionate and so beautiful. Zooey was brought into the shelter on May 18th because her owners were moving and decided that she was just “too much to handle” anymore.

Sweet Zooey is an eight year old bloodhound and comes with the characteristic “awoo woo woo” bark and drooly lips. She has had happy tail twice and now has a fairly shortly cropped tail. She is huge and chubby and the most lovable dog I’ve met in a while. Unfortunately Zooey is absolutely petrified of the camera and needed a lot of consolation throughout our photoshoot. Every time she saw the camera pointed at her she would flinch away and hide under tables and chairs and people nearby. It was heartbreaking but we made it up to her in love and treats don’t worry. 🙂

This sweet girl passed all her evaluations and is so ready to get out of the shelter and into a real forever home that can always “handle” her. She would bring so much joy into a household. Please share Zooey’s picture far and wide with the hashtag #familytoo.

Zooey’s A# is 3604132 and she is currently in kennel C068.

MCACC West Valley Animal Care Center (602-506-2765)
2500 S. 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009
(27th Ave/Lower Buckeye)
Hours open: 11AM-6PM Monday-Friday
11AM-5PM Saturday & Sunday

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