Queen was euthanized on June 1st. She came into the shelter with four babies and left alone in a trashbag. What a waste. Run free sweet girl. 

Queen is a mommy for the record books. This girl became mildly famous on Facebook for how sweet she was with her puppies. She would let people come up and touch them but was always keeping an eye on them. Queen’s puppies were rescued but Queen is still at the shelter waiting for her second chance.

1cute queen and babies

Queen and her babies were brought into the shelter on May 4th. Queen is only four years old and has since been spayed and is ready to go to her new home today. This girl is unbelievably sweet. She will follow you around gazing up at you with her big brown eyes and nuzzle into you for love. If you ignore her (while you’re writing a sign, for example) Queen will gently attempt to climb on top of you until you remember to pay attention to her. She’s an absolute sweetheart and passed all her evaluations at the shelter. A dog intro is recommended for this girl because she did hold onto her protective mommy personality with some dogs she met.

Queen is so deserving of a home where she can retire from her mommy days and learn how to be a spoiled pet. Please share Queen’s picture far and wide with the hashtag #familytoo.

Queen’s A# is 3600066 and she is currently in kennel C073.

MCACC West Valley Animal Care Center (602-506-2765)
2500 S. 27th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009
(27th Ave/Lower Buckeye)
Hours open: 11AM-6PM Monday-Friday
11AM-5PM Saturday & Sunday

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